Socrates Grundtvig 2

Agreement number: 06-GRCO1-S2G01-00015-3


Internet for Autonomous Lifelong Learning (IALL)


The IALL (Internet for Autonomous Lifelong Learning) program started on September 2004 and was funded by the action Socrates Grundtvig-2. The goal was to teach adult learners to use the internet for autonomous lifelong learning, in order to enhance their personal and professional skills. During the first year the program focused on English language and ICT, during the second on communication skills related to job search (CV, interview, business mail) and during the third year on elements of culture such as music, gastronomy and national symbols.

The main product of the program is a resource center, where we have collected and classified all websites with free material on the topics mentioned above. This resource centre www.sec.ro/iall a was the first such centre on the Greekinternet! The IALL partnership was coordinated by Zsofia Pal of Soros Educational Center Foundation (M. Ciuc, Romania) and the partners are Veb Consult s.r.l. (Firenze, Italy) and Associazione Kelidon (Milan, Italy).


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