Kikis Kakoullis, world champion in salsa, is the Director of Dance Studies at IEK AXIA and director of the House of Performing Arts. He has transformed the way salsa is taught in Greece through his dance group "Salsa Sinners". He has developed an exclusive teaching method called "Musichorogy". This method, which has become a registered mark worldwide, is based on footwork in a form of a small choreography through which students can learn how to listen and interpret the music with their body.

Chrysiis Liatziviri teaches contemporary dance, choreography and interpretation. She studied at the Greek National School of Dance and attended several specialized courses abroad in choreography, interpretation and performance. In 2007, she established the Syndram Dance Co. which has an impressive number of participations in performances.

Sophia Papadopoulou teaches classical ballet. She studied at the Greek National School of Dance and continued her studies in dance in Bulgaria and at the University of Surrey. In parallel, she has degrees in Music, Mathematics and Computer science and has explored the interdisciplinary teaching of Art and Mathematics.

Olia Tornaritou teaches contemporary dance – Graham. She studied in the Anna Petrova professional dance school and continued her studies in the Martha Graham School of contemporary dance in New York. She is a staff member in the Greek National School of Dance and an examiner in the Ministry of Education.

Giannis Hamaltzis teaches traditional Greek dance. He has participated in numerous performances around Greece and has won many international competitions of folk dance. He is a member of the International Dance Council.

Giota Oikonomopoulou teaches music. She studied piano at the National Conservatory and at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. She has given numerous piano recitals around Greece.

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