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Why advertise on-line?

Your customers are online. Approximately 4-4.5 million Greek consumers aged over 18 were active on Facebook and the Internet in general in the last 30 days. The average time of active presence on-line by each user is 130 minutes. Active users made an average of clicks in 7 different advertising campaigns in the last 30 days.


Online advertising

Online advertising is currently the cheapest and most effective way to promote your business. You can do it on yourself and the tutorial will show you how.


Description & Objectives

The 9-hour seminar focuses on practical techniques and strategy to be followed in order to achieve an effective advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords at the lowest possible cost. We go through all stages of the implementation of an advertising campaign in practice: text, graphics, payment and evaluation. The seminar aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and its practical application. After five hours of theory each trainee can have practical training for four hours in advertising a particular subject selected by him/her. Trainees have access to a personal computer during the course (5 hours theory and 4 hours teaching practice).

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