Our Centre for Lifelong Learning organizes, in cooperation with the Security Studies Center (KE.ME.A.) training programs for those who wish to work as private security personnel. According to current legislation, persons wishing to acquire a Security professional license must first attend 105 hours training program and to receive the relevant Certificate of Training. Then, they must successfully participate in the certification tests organized by the KE.ME.A., which lead them to the Vocational Training Certificate Level 1. This certificate is a prequisite for obtaining a work permit in this working sector. 

The Center for Security Studies (KE.ME.A.) has been established by the Law 3387/2005 as the Hellenic Ministry’s of Public Order and Citizen Protection think tank on security policies. KE.ME.A. is a scientific, consulting and research agency, whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and to perform studies, particularly at the strategic level, on security policies,  authorized to provide professional certification through examinations (in cooperation with the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance-EOPPEP no 3200/09−02/2012) to private security personnel.

KEK AXIA is certified by KE.ME.A to provide training services for security personnel and organize training programs in person (in the classroom) and distance (e-learning) based on the following specifications:

  • Each training program lasts 105 hours and fully covers the 300-question data bank required for passing the certification exam.
  • Instructors are certified adult trainers from both the Professional Qualifications Certification Agency and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P) and from KE.ME.A. and have rich professional and teaching experience in the subjects taught. The training group consists of experts in law, criminologists, policemen, sociologists, firemen and medical staff.
  • The curriculum is approved by the KE.ME.A. and results from the vocational profile specification entitled "Private Security Personnel", as approved and published by E.O.P.P.E.P.
  • After attending the seminar, all participants receive a Certificate of Training which is an essential document for participation in the certification exams organized by KE.ME.A. The successful participation in the above exam leads to the Vocational Training Certificate Level 1 specification "Security Personnel". This certificate is necessary for the issuance and / or renewal of the security personnel work permit.
  • The classes, held throughout the year, are daily and offer high-quality education combining online presentations, delivery notes, conducting case studies, group cooperation, simulations, practical exercises, role play, etc.


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